The Educational and Cultural Centre of the Jewish Museum Prague (VKC ŽMP), the Brno branch

The Brno branch of the VKC ŽMP has been in service since September 2006. It organises cultural events for the public (exhibitions, lecture series, movie projection series, radio drama series, concerts, theatrical performances etc.), offers educative programmes for schools, which comprise workshops and lessons on Jewish traditions, customs and the Holocaust as well as guided tours of the synagogue of Brno, the Jewish Cemetery of Brno and the mikvah. The Brno branch of VKC ŽMP also provides various workshops for the preschool and primary school children with focus on Jewish holidays and offers Sunday seminars called “The Jews – History and Culture”, targeting teachers in programmes of continuing education in Holocaust, Judaism and the Jewish culture in general.

The headquarters of the Brno branch of the Educational and Cultural Centre of the Jewish Museum Prague (VKC ŽMP) is situated at 3 tř. Kpt. Jaroše Street, 602 00 Brno, phone +420 544 509 651, fax +420 544 509 652, e-mail More info available at, namely the programme in the Czech language at and the programme in the English language at
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