Dear visitors,

Brno as the capital of South Moravia and the whole region indeed has been an important place with Jewish settlement since the historical Kingdom of Bohemia.

The web pages of the Tourist Information Centre of the Jewish Community of Brno (TIC ŽOB) offer information on all important Jewish sights in the region, interconnections between them and links to other places of interest in South Moravia. The web pages include recommendations for tours and trips around sights within the sphere of competence of the Jewish Community of Brno, with the region’s capital as the starting point. The web pages will help you to raise your awareness or extend your knowledge of the main Jewish religious practices and traditions, dietary rules, cultural, educational and other institutions – they will help you to know and understand the world as Jewish people of the past and of the present have seen it. Jewish tourists from abroad will perhaps appreciate the information about where to look for kosher food and for opportunities to live their spiritual lives, including the mikveh.

The pages recommend accommodation opportunities in all places mentioned here, together with a lot of other interesting information and links. We are looking forward to your visit. Any comments, suggestions and experience you would like to share – including critical experience – are welcome. We will do our best to use your feedback to improve the services we provide.

Welcome to Brno, Welcome to South Moravia, welcome to the Czech Republic!

Your TIC of the JC of Brno



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